Blocked Out

The most memorable moment of this year’s Grammy Award’s was not in-fact Cee Lo Green’s Elton John-esque, Big-bird suit or Christina Aguilera’s tragic tumble. The Alexandra Fitzpatrick Grammy Most Memorable Moment Award goes to….dun dun dun….Gwyneth Paltrow. What a gal! She completely stole the show, strutting onto stage wearing Christian Louboutin Futura Heels. My mouth nearly hit the floor — I’ve never wanted anything so badly. Even though my modest bank account does not have $1,095 ready for splurging, I still plan on hopping on the colorblock train as soon as possible. Bold hues and dramatic pieces are a must.

1. Anthropologie Glanz Dress — $158.00

2. Forever 21 Colorblock Bracelet — $4.80

3. Forever 21 Colorblock Knit Skirt — $12.80

4. Sonia Rykel Colorblock Skirt — $188

5. Forever 21 Elastic Headband Set — $1.50

6. Top Shop Tan Bow Front Colour Block Playsuit –$110

7. H&M Dress– $29.99



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3 responses to “Blocked Out

  1. Loving that shoe. I’m all about color blocking this spring!

  2. Yes me tooo, I love Gwyneth! I was looking in awe back and forth: from her hot pink feather earrings to the shoes (and hoping she wouldn’t fall!)

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